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On The Hunt: Lampshade Edition

I’ve recently been searching for fun, unique lampshades for my own home project (converting post-college kids’ rooms into guest rooms- sniff) as well as for client projects because I always bring a few special options to try out when we’re styling and photographing. I didn’t have the highest hopes - like when you look for something in desperation, it’s elusive. I thought that would be the case here, because I needed a lampshade asap, but fortunately it was not! In fact, lampshades are definitely having a moment.

I was thrilled to discover this fantastic new resource for all things home - Greenrow - which launched in May of this year under the William-Sonoma brand. Here’s how the company describes their first brand launch in 10 years:

"GreenRow is focused on creating modern heirlooms by combining bright colors and thoughtful details into sustainable materials. In addition to a timeless aesthetic, we are also committed to utilizing sustainable manufacturing practices and teaching our customers how to care for our products in order to ensure their longevity."

I love their gorgeous selection of prints combined with ruching detail and contrast trim. If you are looking to add that little bit of color and pattern without making a big commitment, these are a fantastic choice.. They come in two shapes, drum (above) and taper (below).

My second lampshade find is from a website I hadn’t checked out in a longggg time - BallardDesigns. Like so many other older brands, they seem to be undergoing a metamorphosis and in this case, in all the best ways. I actually purchased this beauty for my daughters’ bedroom, replacing the old shade we got when she was a teenager. The wicker adds just the right texture - like baskets do - and I’ve never seen a scalloped edge I didn’t like.

Ballard Designs has many other styles as well, if the edge detail isn’t your thing. It’s worth mentioning - I received it right away even though it was temporarily out of stock when I placed the order.

Lastly, my go-to resource that never disappoints is Etsy. These raffia lampshades are absolutely stunning, like works of art. The best part is they are made to order and fully customizable with so many options - scalloped edges (top and/or bottom), gorgeous trim colors, fabrics inside or out. You can have so much fun adding whimsy to a space with just this one piece. They’re made in England, so the shipping cost is hefty and they're pricey to begin with, but when you need a pick-me-up for a room, but for all the many reasons, are not able to execute a full makeover, any of these options would be a fantastic starting point.


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