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Serena Armstrong Interiors is a Marin County, California based interior design firm specializing in residential design, renovations and new construction projects.

We love all of the details that go into a well-crafted space. From wall colors and fabrics, to the mouldings and fixtures, we take care to consider each element and how they work together to create unique, integrated and truly special homes. Our signature stamp is mixing classic architecture, antiques and art, with comfortable, livable and fresh pieces sourced with our sense of style and fun. The result is a home tailored to our client's individual lifestyle, delivered without compromise or stress.



Design has always been my calling and I believe the environments we inhabit profoundly impact our well-being, productivity, and overall happiness. I wasn't formally trained in design, but with a long line of creatives in my family, I like to believe I come to it genetically. There is a connection that is formed with a space that begins the moment I step inside and hear the client's vision. I immerse myself in its energy and seek to bring out its full potential. Whatever the scope, the goal is the same - to create harmonious and visually stunning spaces that leave a lasting impression and always stay relevant. Our client's happiness and fulfillment are at the core of my business philosophy. We will be with you every step of the way!


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