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IKEA Dupes

IKEA is my go-to for just about all of my client projects as well as for my own home, in part because they so offer many necessity items. Some of my regular rotation purchases include their tealight candles, I adore their selection of vases that I can fill later with floral bouquets for gift giving like this, and this and during the holidays they offer great gift wrap and holiday decor.

I love to scope out the new offerings even if I'm not on the hunt for something specific. So, here are a few I spotted on my recent trip which are darn close to their more pricey counterparts and rate high in classic, timeless style.

  1. The Perbsol armchair is absolutely fantastic! I am a huge fan of the Windsor style and this beautiful solid wood piece checks all the boxes from the proportions (nice high back), the light wood finish is super easy to mix with other wood and the armchair style elevates it from looking like a dining chair. I could see this guy next to a fireplace with a comfy pillow and throw over the arm and equally happy at the ends of a dining table. Versatile, classic and comfortable - all the necessities at a great price.

2. Pillows can be tricky. Is the fabric soft to the touch (vs scratchy and/or stiff) being the most important consideration. I absolutely love these beautiful tan velvet pillows .At $8.99 for the cover, and many other colorways to choose from, these pillows are such an easy way to add warmth and texture during the colder seasons. (I believe this color is new this year).

3. I can't vouch for how these cabinets would last in a workhorse kitchen environment, but I do think IKEA has upheld its reputation for decades with regard to delivering solid, long lasting pieces. So I'm inclined to believe these are no exception. I'm drawn to unpainted wood cabinets in places, but only in a rich walnut finish like this. I believe they also come in the light oak that is very popular right now, but for a classic look and feel, consider adding this to just a portion of your kitchen; for example to cover the fridge, or just the island.


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